High End Taxidermy


The art of taxidermy has given me a way to fully express my passion for wildlife from ensuring that the piece I’m working on has an authentic, realistic appearance, to making sure it is in a setting true to its surroundings.

Now an award winning taxidermist, my involvement with the New Mexico Taxidermy Association has earned me an honored position as a Northwest Director. I am privileged to work with a great team of taxidermists. Our goal is to promote high standards in the art of taxidermy and to strive to produce high quality work as well as to foster an understanding in the general public about the field of taxidermy.

My goal here at Mountain Legends Taxidermy, is much the same – “To bring life and expression into every mounted piece complimenting the true legends that each piece truly is” My philosophy is simple – “Good things can and will happen as long as I surround myself with a talented staff, good ideas and great products and treat people well.”




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