Mount Care


Home-Page-AnimationAfter you bring your hard won trophy home from the taxidermist, and hang it in the special place you’ve had in mind for it ever since you bagged it … is that the end of the trail? I should say not!

​The first thing you should know is how to properly hang your trophy head on the wall. Never grab, nor balance, or in any other way put your hand on the neck of the mounted head. Most hoofed game mammals have rather hollow hair — not fur like most predatory species — and the hair is susceptible to breakage. The horns, or antlers, are “Nature’s Handle” … at least when it comes to a game head mount anyway! You can hold a horn or antler in one hand, and have the brisket resting on the other hand, then lift the trophy to hang on the wall.

Excerpt from a post in the AfricanHunting.com Forum.
Download a PDF of “Care for Your Mounted Trophy”