Terms and Conditions

  1. paymentAll prices are subject to change.
  2. A 50% deposit is required on all work prior to our beginning mounting on your trophy. Deposits are due no later than 30 days of checking in a mount/item.
  3. Balance due upon completion.
  4. If upon completion, item is not picked up within 30 days, item may be sold to cover balance, and storage fees.
  5. A 15% interest charge will be added to all overdue accounts.
  6. All tanning is accepted at owner’s risk. We have no control over any skin, or trophy prior to our receiving it for tanning and/or mounting. Many factors have a definite effect on the final results of tanning, such as primeness, time of year, weather conditions, hot or cold, and care given to skin or trophy in the field when it was killed. Therefore we cannot assume any guarantee or liability for tanning.
  7. There will be additional fees for repairs, on work needed due to improper handling or field care.
  8.  Crates and shipping will be estimated at time of completion.

This statement releases Mountain Legends Taxidermy & Wildlife Art Studio, LLC of any responsibility for a trophy lost due to uncontrolled circumstances such as fire, theft, and damage while tanning.